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About us

Company “Planeta-Druk” has been working at printing market since 2003. It is one of the greatest enterprises of Western part of Ukraine to produce printing production for various industries by whole cycle.

Nowadays “Planeta-Druk” seems to be a reliable partner to produce packages from cellulose and spoiled sheet's cardboard, laminated cardboard and micro-corrugated cardboard. There are produced paper packed packets for friable products, goods and advertisement production.

Emulsions and printer's ink, lacquers produced by the company “Planeta-Inks” are used at enterprise successfully and equally with materials of leading western firms.

All materials used in producing are proved to have certificates of Health Ministry of Ukraine and international certificates of quality.

“Planeta-Druk” is the enterprise which orients to customer and increasing needs of market.

It is important that a control for technology of producing process should guarantee correlation of issued production in accordance with quality criterion and customer's demand.

General director – Sidletskaya Olena.

Due to fact of producing capacities modernization and providing of a high quality level “Planeta–druk” cooperates and carries out orders of high image production level enterprises such as LLC “Nestle-Ukraine”, confectioner's factory “Svitoch”, LLC “Kaskad”, CJSC “Kiev-Mlin”, OJSC “Iscra”, OJSC PTKF “Lasoschi”, LLC “Rosichi”, LLC “South Contract”.

The Ukrainian children's magazine “Planeta of knowledge” is known to be issued by printing – house “Planeta-Druk”.

It is desirable that the main values of OJSC “Planeta-Druk” should be denoted by professionalism. This characteristic seems to be a criterion to check activity of company's officials and partners too. It should be stressed that the company creates atmosphere of fruit and business relations.

The main task of “Planeta-Druk”'s policy is to be claimed by market, to provide stability of production quality and to satisfy demands of client.

Producing capacities let the enterprise to exist high-technological woks and compete at the Ukrainian market more successfully.