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The company "Planeta-Druk" is fitted with modern equipment of world producers. There are machines for sheet's stenciled stamp HEIDELBERG, MANROLAND, folding and sticking together devices, carving equipment of firm BOBST, a machine used for paste of pellicle in the places of windows carving. It allows to printing services.

Highly technological equipment, planning of producing, an organization of every stage's control with helping of measuring devices provides all stage of technology's process to fulfill orders by stated terms.

To expand an assortment of packing production a new package-made complex of German firm Windmoller&Holscher Triumph 2B with six colored stamped section was led into action in 2005. Six colored stamp being at this equipment keeps a design on both sides of package. It is possible due to sticking together of package not only across centre but side's seam. Data of parameters are guarantee of additional defense of order's production.

There's produced 250 packages in a minute. Today such type of equipment is considered to be the most powerful in Ukraine. That 's not doubt that this fact lets "Planeta-Druk" be alone producer of high quality exclusive paper packages.


Machine Man Roland




Machine Windmoller&Holscher Triumph 2b


Carving machine BOBST


Folding and sticking together machine BOBST